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Gibraltar Google Maps

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Facts about Gibraltar

Administrative divisions: none (overseas territory of the UK)
Area: total: 6.5 sq km land: 6.5 sq km water: 0 sq km
Background: Strategically important , Gibraltar was reluctantly ceded to Great Britain by Spain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht; the British garrison was formally declared a colony in 1830. In a referendum held in 1967 , Gibraltarians voted overwhelmingly to remain a British dependency. The subsequent granting of autonomy in 1969 by the UK led to Spain closing the border and severing all communication links. A series of talks were held by the UK and Spain between 1997 and 2002 on establishing temporary joint sovereignty over Gibraltar. In response to these talks , the Gibraltar Government called a referendum in late 2002 in which the majority of citizens voted overwhelmingly against any sharing of sovereignty with Spain. Since the referendum , tripartite talks on other issues have been held with Spain , the UK , and Gibraltar , and in September 2006 a three-way agreement was signed. Spain agreed to remove restrictions on air movements , to speed up customs procedures , to implement international telephone dialing , and to allow mobile roaming agreements. Britain agreed to pay increased pensions to Spaniards who had been employed in Gibraltar before the border closed. Spain will be allowed to open a cultural institute from which the Spanish flag will fly. A new noncolonial constitution came into effect in 2007 , but the UK retains responsibility for defense , foreign relations , internal security , and financial stability.
Flag description: two horizontal bands of white (top , double width) and red with a three-towered red castle in the center of the white band; hanging from the castle gate is a gold key centered in the red band
Capital: name: Gibraltar geographic coordinates: 36 08 N , 5 21 W time difference: UTC+1 (6 hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr , begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October
Climate: Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers
Currency code: Gibraltar pound (GIP)
Ethnic groups: Spanish , Italian , English , Maltese , Portuguese , German , North Africans
Geographic coordinates: 36 08 N , 5 21 W
Geography note: strategic location on Strait of Gibraltar that links the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Government type: NA
Imports partners: Spain 23.4% , Russia 12.3% , Italy 12% , UK 9% , France 8.9% , Netherlands 6.8% , US 4.7% (2006)
Internet country code: .gi
Land boundaries: 12 km
Neighbouring countries: total: 1.2 km border countries: Spain 1.2 km
Languages: English (used in schools and for official purposes) , Spanish , Italian , Portuguese
Location: Southwestern Europe , bordering the Strait of Gibraltar , which links the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean , on the southern coast of Spain
Map references: Europe
National holiday: National Day , 10 September (1967); note - day of the national referendum to decide whether to remain with the UK or go with Spain
Nationality: noun: Gibraltarian(s) adjective: Gibraltar
Natural hazards: NA
Population: 28 ,002 (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Roman Catholic 78.1% , Church of England 7% , other Christian 3.2% , Muslim 4% , Jewish 2.1% , Hindu 1.8% , other or unspecified 0.9% , none 2.9% (2001 census)
Terrain: a narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar
Unemployment rate: 3% (2005 est.)

Capital of Gibraltar

Gibraltar (click to view Gibraltar map)

Places in Gibraltar

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Random cities in Gibraltar

Gibraltar, the capital city of Gibraltar.

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