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Flag of Svalbard Svalbard Google Maps and Facts

Welcome to the Google Maps of Svalbard (SJ) and the comprehensive location list for this country. World Route Planner, together with its detailed Svalbard page, turns Google Maps Sightseeing into a meaningful experience! Our extensive destination gazetteer, coupled with Driving Directions to Svalbard, allows you to explore Svalbard through detailed satellite imagery and street views—fast, free, and easier than ever before.

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Svalbard Google Maps

To activate Street View on any city of Svalbard, drag above the Zoom feature the yellow little man in the map.

Facts about Svalbard

Administrative divisions:
Flag description:
Currency code:
Ethnic groups:
Geographic coordinates:
Geography note:
Government type:
Imports partners:
Internet country code:
Land boundaries:
Neighbouring countries:
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National holiday:
Natural hazards:
Unemployment rate:

Capital of Svalbard

Longyearbyen (click to view Longyearbyen map)

Places in Svalbard

Browse the most comprehensive and up-to-date online directory of administrative regions and Street Views in Svalbard. Our listings are organized alphabetically, starting from level 1 regions and progressing through to level 2 and eventually level 3 regions, ensuring you can easily navigate and find specific areas of interest.

Barentsburg city Google Maps
Grumantbyen city Google Maps
Haugen city Google Maps
Longyearbyen city Google Maps
Ny-Ålesund city Google Maps
Nybyen city Google Maps
Sveagruva city Google Maps

Random cities in Svalbard

Longyearbyen, the capital city of Svalbard.

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