Nazca – Camana Driving Directions

Google Driving Directions from Nazca to Camana by car. Distance: 393 km, travelling time: 5 hours 52 mins. Cheap hotels in Camana and the surrounding area!

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Nazca - Camana Driving Directions by car.
The distance of the trip: 393 km.
The expected duration of the trip: 5 hours 52 mins.

Nazca - Camana Driving Directions (Route Planner)

  1. Head south toward Carr Interoceánica (approx. 0.6 km - 2 mins)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -14.8355763 / -74.9316926
  2. Turn right onto Carr Interoceánica/Route 26A (approx. 1.2 km - 2 mins)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -14.8403784 / -74.930389
  3. Slight right to stay on Route 26A (approx. 0.1 km - 1 min)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -14.8422251 / -74.9407476
  4. Turn left toward Carr. Panamericana Sur/Route 1S (approx. 67 m - 1 min)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -14.8418728 / -74.9418075
  5. Turn left onto Carr. Panamericana Sur/Route 1S (approx. 388 km - 5 hours 41 mins)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -14.8417785 / -74.9424059
  6. Keep right to continue on Av. Lima (approx. 2.0 km - 4 mins)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -16.600807 / -72.7027318
  7. Turn right at Jirón Martinez (approx. 0.1 km - 1 min)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -16.6178093 / -72.7083028
  8. Turn left onto Calle Sebastian Barranca (approx. 0.5 km - 2 mins)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -16.6176669 / -72.7096642
  9. Turn left onto Av Quilca (approx. 5 m - 1 min)
    GPS coordinates to switch direction: -16.6222091 / -72.7111095

Nazca - Camana route data

Travelling time: The time required for the journey by car is approximately 5 hours 52 mins.
Distance: Between Nazca starting point and Camana destination approximately 393 km distance is calculated by the route planner.
Camana Google Street View: To activate the street view in Nazca, or Camana places - or at any other location, simply drag that small yellow man (found in the upper-left corner of the map) in the map.

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