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Maldives Google Maps

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Did you know about Maldives?

The smallest country in Asia both area and population is the Maldives.

Facts about Maldives

Administrative divisions: 19 atolls (atholhu , singular and plural) and the capital city*; Alifu , Baa , Dhaalu , Faafu , Gaafu Alifu , Gaafu Dhaalu , Gnaviyani , Haa Alifu , Haa Dhaalu , Kaafu , Laamu , Lhaviyani , Maale* (Male) , Meemu , Noonu , Raa , Seenu , Shaviyani , Thaa , Vaavu
Area: total: 300 sq km land: 300 sq km water: 0 sq km
Background: The Maldives was long a sultanate , first under Dutch and then under British protection. It became a republic in 1968 , three years after independence. President Maumoon Abdul GAYOOM dominated the islands' political scene for 30 years , elected to six successive terms by single-party referendums. Following riots in the capital Male in August 2004 , the president and his government pledged to embark upon democratic reforms including a more representative political system and expanded political freedoms. Progress was sluggish , however , and many promised reforms were slow to be realized. Nonetheless , political parties were legalized in 2005. In June 2008 , a constituent assembly - termed the "Special Majlis" - finalized a new constitution , which was ratified by the president in August. The first-ever presidential elections under a multi-candidate , multi-party system were held in October 2008. GAYOOM was defeated in a runoff poll by Mohamed NASHEED , a political activist who had been jailed several years earlier by the former regime. Challenges facing the new president include strengthening democracy and combating poverty and drug abuse.
Flag description: red with a large green rectangle in the center bearing a vertical white crescent; the closed side of the crescent is on the hoist side of the flag
Capital: name: Male geographic coordinates: 4 10 N , 73 30 E time difference: UTC+5 (10 hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time)
Climate: tropical; hot , humid; dry , northeast monsoon (November to March); rainy , southwest monsoon (June to August)
Currency code: rufiyaa (MVR)
Ethnic groups: South Indians , Sinhalese , Arabs
Geographic coordinates: 3 15 N , 73 00 E
Geography note: 1 ,190 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls (200 inhabited islands , plus 80 islands with tourist resorts); archipelago with strategic location astride and along major sea lanes in Indian Ocean
Government type: republic
Imports partners: Singapore 22.7% , UAE 15.5% , India 11.2% , Malaysia 10.8% , Sri Lanka 5.7% , Thailand 5.3% (2007)
Internet country code: .mv
Land boundaries: 644 km
Neighbouring countries: 0 km
Languages: Maldivian Dhivehi (dialect of Sinhala , script derived from Arabic) , English spoken by most government officials
Location: Southern Asia , group of atolls in the Indian Ocean , south-southwest of India
Map references: Asia
National holiday: Independence Day , 26 July (1965)
Nationality: noun: Maldivian(s) adjective: Maldivian
Natural hazards: low level of islands makes them sensitive to sea level rise
Population: 385 ,925 (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Sunni Muslim
Terrain: flat , with white sandy beaches
Unemployment rate: NEGL% (2003 est.)

Capital of Republic of Maldives

Maale (click to view Maale map)

Places in Maldives

Browse the most comprehensive and up-to-date online directory of administrative regions and Street Views in Maldives. Our listings are organized alphabetically, starting from level 1 regions and progressing through to level 2 and eventually level 3 regions, ensuring you can easily navigate and find specific areas of interest.

Alifu Atholhu (1 Google Maps locations)
Felidhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Gnaviyani Atoll city Google Maps
Haddhunmathi Atoll city Google Maps
Kaafu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Kolhumadulhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Lhaviyani Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Mulaku Atoll (2 Google Maps locations)
Northern Huvadhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Northern Maalhosmadulhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Northern Miladhunmadulhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Northern Nilandhe Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Northern Thiladhunmathi Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Seenu Atoll (3 Google Maps locations)
Southern Huvadhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Southern Maalhosmadulhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Southern Miladhunmadulhu Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)
Southern Nilandhe Atoll (2 Google Maps locations)
Southern Thiladhunmathi Atoll (1 Google Maps locations)

Random cities in Maldives

Maale, the capital city of Maldives.

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