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Sri Lanka Google Maps

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Why is Sri Lanka known as "the jewel box' of the Indian Ocean"?

Sri Lanka lies off the southern tip of India. This tropical island has fascinated travellers for centuries, with its palm-fringed beaches, diverse landscapes and historical monuments. Known as "Serendip" to Arab geographers, the island fell under Portuguese and Dutch influence and finally came under British rule when it was called Ceylon. The island became independent in 1948, and changed its name to Sri Lanka in 1972. Agriculture is the main occupation, and the important crops produced are tea, coconuts, rice, and rubber. Sri Lanka is also known as the jewel box of the Indian Ocean, and has yielded precious stones and fine gems in a great profusion of species and varieties. Gems from Ceylon became famous all over the world, and today there is even a town called Ratnapura or "gem town"!

Facts about Sri Lanka

Administrative divisions: 8 provinces; Central , North Central , North Eastern , North Western , Sabaragamuwa , Southern , Uva , Western note: in October 2006 , a Sri Lankan Supreme Court ruling voided a presidential directive merging the North and Eastern Provinces; many have defended the merger as a prerequisite for a negotiated settlement to the ethnic conflict; a parliamentary decision on the issue is pending
Area: total: 65 ,610 sq km land: 64 ,740 sq km water: 870 sq km
Background: The first Sinhalese arrived in Sri Lanka late in the 6th century B.C. probably from northern India. Buddhism was introduced in about the mid-third century B.C. , and a great civilization developed at the cities of Anuradhapura (kingdom from circa 200 B.C. to circa A.D. 1000) and Polonnaruwa (from about 1070 to 1200). In the 14th century , a south Indian dynasty established a Tamil kingdom in northern Sri Lanka. The coastal areas of the island were controlled by the Portuguese in the 16th century and by the Dutch in the 17th century. The island was ceded to the British in 1796 , became a crown colony in 1802 , and was united under British rule by 1815. As Ceylon , it became independent in 1948; its name was changed to Sri Lanka in 1972. Tensions between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil separatists erupted into war in 1983. Tens of thousands have died in the ethnic conflict that continues to fester. After two decades of fighting , the government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) formalized a cease-fire in February 2002 with Norway brokering peace negotiations. Violence between the LTTE and government forces intensified in 2006 and the government regained control of the Eastern Province in 2007. In January 2008 , the government officially withdrew from the ceasefire , and has begun engaging the LTTE in the northern portion of the country.
Flag description: yellow with two panels; the smaller hoist-side panel has two equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) and orange; the other panel is a large dark red rectangle with a yellow lion holding a sword , and there is a yellow bo leaf in each corner; the yellow field appears as a border around the entire flag and extends between the two panels
Capital: name: Colombo geographic coordinates: 6 56 N , 79 51 E time difference: UTC+5.5 (10.5 hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time) note: Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (legislative capital)
Climate: tropical monsoon; northeast monsoon (December to March); southwest monsoon (June to October)
Currency code:
Ethnic groups: Sinhalese 73.8% , Sri Lankan Moors 7.2% , Indian Tamil 4.6% , Sri Lankan Tamil 3.9% , other 0.5% , unspecified 10% (2001 census provisional data)
Geographic coordinates: 7 00 N , 81 00 E
Geography note: strategic location near major Indian Ocean sea lanes
Government type: republic
Imports partners: India 22% , China 11.9% , Singapore 7.2% , Iran 6.2% (2007)
Internet country code: .lk
Land boundaries: 1 ,340 km
Neighbouring countries: 0 km
Languages: Sinhala (official and national language) 74% , Tamil (national language) 18% , other 8% note: English is commonly used in government and is spoken competently by about 10% of the population
Location: Southern Asia , island in the Indian Ocean , south of India
Map references: Asia
National holiday: Independence Day , 4 February (1948)
Nationality: noun: Sri Lankan(s) adjective: Sri Lankan
Natural hazards: occasional cyclones and tornadoes
Population: 21 ,128 ,772 note: since the outbreak of hostilities between the government and armed Tamil separatists in the mid-1980s , several hundred thousand Tamil civilians have fled the island and more than 200 ,000 Tamils have sought refuge in the West (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Buddhist 69.1% , Muslim 7.6% , Hindu 7.1% , Christian 6.2% , unspecified 10% (2001 census provisional data)
Terrain: mostly low , flat to rolling plain; mountains in south-central interior
Unemployment rate: 6% (2007 est.)

Capital of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Colombo (click to view Colombo map)

Places in Sri Lanka

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Central Province (1504 Google Maps locations)
North Central Province (1425 Google Maps locations)
North Eastern Province (1633 Google Maps locations)
North Western Province (3713 Google Maps locations)
Sabaragamuwa Province (1769 Google Maps locations)
Southern Province (1756 Google Maps locations)
Uva Province (1069 Google Maps locations)
Western Province (1526 Google Maps locations)

Random cities in Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

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