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Facts about Russia

Administrative divisions: 46 oblasts (oblastey , singular - oblast) , 21 republics (respublik , singular - respublika) , 4 autonomous okrugs (avtonomnykh okrugov , singular - avtonomnyy okrug) , 9 krays (krayev , singular - kray) , 2 federal cities (goroda , singular - gorod) , and 1 autonomous oblast (avtonomnaya oblast') oblasts: Amur (Blagoveshchensk) , Arkhangel'sk , Astrakhan' , Belgorod , Bryansk , Chelyabinsk , Irkutsk , Ivanovo , Kaliningrad , Kaluga , Kemerovo , Kirov , Kostroma , Kurgan , Kursk , Leningrad , Lipetsk , Magadan , Moscow , Murmansk , Nizhniy Novgorod , Novgorod , Novosibirsk , Omsk , Orenburg , Orel , Penza , Pskov , Rostov , Ryazan' , Sakhalin (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) , Samara , Saratov , Smolensk , Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) , Tambov , Tomsk , Tula , Tver' , Tyumen' , Ul'yanovsk , Vladimir , Volgograd , Vologda , Voronezh , Yaroslavl' republics: Adygeya (Maykop) , Altay (Gorno-Altaysk) , Bashkortostan (Ufa) , Buryatiya (Ulan-Ude) , Chechnya (Groznyy) , Chuvashiya (Cheboksary) , Dagestan (Makhachkala) , Ingushetiya (Magas) , Kabardino-Balkariya (Nal'chik) , Kalmykiya (Elista) , Karachayevo-Cherkesiya (Cherkessk) , Kareliya (Petrozavodsk) , Khakasiya (Abakan) , Komi (Syktyvkar) , Mariy-El (Yoshkar-Ola) , Mordoviya (Saransk) , North Ossetia (Vladikavkaz) , Sakha [Yakutiya] (Yakutsk) , Tatarstan (Kazan') , Tyva (Kyzyl) , Udmurtiya (Izhevsk) autonomous okrugs: Chukotka (Anadyr') , Khanty-Mansi (Khanty-Mansiysk) , Nenets (Nar'yan-Mar) , Yamalo-Nenets (Salekhard) krays: Altay (Barnaul) , Kamchatka (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy) , Khabarovsk , Krasnodar , Krasnoyarsk , Perm' , Primorskiy (Vladivostok) , Stavropol' , Zabaykal'skiy (Chita) federal cities: Moscow (Moskva) , Saint Petersburg (Sankt-Peterburg) autonomous oblast: Yevrey [Jewish] (Birobidzhan) note: administrative divisions have the same names as their administrative centers (exceptions have the administrative center name following in parentheses)
Area: total: 17 ,075 ,200 sq km land: 16 ,995 ,800 sq km water: 79 ,400 sq km
Background: Founded in the 12th century , the Principality of Muscovy , was able to emerge from over 200 years of Mongol domination (13th-15th centuries) and to gradually conquer and absorb surrounding principalities. In the early 17th century , a new Romanov Dynasty continued this policy of expansion across Siberia to the Pacific. Under PETER I (ruled 1682-1725) , hegemony was extended to the Baltic Sea and the country was renamed the Russian Empire. During the 19th century , more territorial acquisitions were made in Europe and Asia. Defeat in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 contributed to the Revolution of 1905 , which resulted in the formation of a parliament and other reforms. Repeated devastating defeats of the Russian army in World War I led to widespread rioting in the major cities of the Russian Empire and to the overthrow in 1917 of the imperial household. The Communists under Vladimir LENIN seized power soon after and formed the USSR. The brutal rule of Iosif STALIN (1928-53) strengthened Communist rule and Russian dominance of the Soviet Union at a cost of tens of millions of lives. The Soviet economy and society stagnated in the following decades until General Secretary Mikhail GORBACHEV (1985-91) introduced glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an attempt to modernize Communism , but his initiatives inadvertently released forces that by December 1991 splintered the USSR into Russia and 14 other independent republics. Since then , Russia has struggled in its efforts to build a democratic political system and market economy to replace the social , political , and economic controls of the Communist period. In tandem with its prudent management of Russia's windfall energy wealth , which has helped the country rebound from the economic collapse of the 1990s , the Kremlin in recent years has overseen a recentralization of power that has undermined democratic institutions. Russia has severely disabled the Chechen rebel movement , although violence still occurs throughout the North Caucasus.
Flag description: three equal horizontal bands of white (top) , blue , and red
Capital: name: Moscow geographic coordinates: 55 45 N , 37 35 E time difference: UTC+3 (8 hours ahead of Washington , DC during Standard Time) daylight saving time: +1hr , begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October note: Russia is divided into 11 time zones
Climate: ranges from steppes in the south through humid continental in much of European Russia; subarctic in Siberia to tundra climate in the polar north; winters vary from cool along Black Sea coast to frigid in Siberia; summers vary from warm in the steppes to cool along Arctic coast
Currency code:
Ethnic groups: Russian 79.8% , Tatar 3.8% , Ukrainian 2% , Bashkir 1.2% , Chuvash 1.1% , other or unspecified 12.1% (2002 census)
Geographic coordinates: 60 00 N , 100 00 E
Geography note: largest country in the world in terms of area but unfavorably located in relation to major sea lanes of the world; despite its size , much of the country lacks proper soils and climates (either too cold or too dry) for agriculture; Mount El'brus is Europe's tallest peak
Government type: federation
Imports partners: Germany 16.2% , China 12.7% , Italy 5.5% , Ukraine 5.1% , Japan 4.8% (2007)
Internet country code: .ru; note - Russia also has responsibility for a legacy domain ".su" that was allocated to the Soviet Union and is being phased out
Land boundaries: 37 ,653 km
Neighbouring countries: total: 20 ,241.5 km border countries: Azerbaijan 284 km , Belarus 959 km , China (southeast) 3 ,605 km , China (south) 40 km , Estonia 290 km , Finland 1 ,313 km , Georgia 723 km , Kazakhstan 6 ,846 km , North Korea 17.5 km , Latvia 292 km , Lithuania (Kaliningrad Oblast) 227 km , Mongolia 3 ,441 km , Norway 196 km , Poland (Kaliningrad Oblast) 432 km , Ukraine 1 ,576 km
Languages: Russian , many minority languages
Location: Northern Asia (the area west of the Urals is considered part of Europe) , bordering the Arctic Ocean , between Europe and the North Pacific Ocean
Map references: Asia
National holiday: Russia Day , 12 June (1990)
Nationality: noun: Russian(s) adjective: Russian
Natural hazards: permafrost over much of Siberia is a major impediment to development; volcanic activity in the Kuril Islands; volcanoes and earthquakes on the Kamchatka Peninsula; spring floods and summer/autumn forest fires throughout Siberia and parts of European Russia
Population: 140 ,702 ,096 (July 2008 est.)
Religions: Russian Orthodox 15-20% , Muslim 10-15% , other Christian 2% (2006 est.) note: estimates are of practicing worshipers; Russia has large populations of non-practicing believers and non-believers , a legacy of over seven decades of Soviet rule
Terrain: broad plain with low hills west of Urals; vast coniferous forest and tundra in Siberia; uplands and mountains along southern border regions
Unemployment rate: 6.2% (2007 est.)

Capital of Russian Federation

Moskva (click to view Moskva map)

Places in Russia

Browse the most comprehensive and up-to-date online directory of administrative regions and Street views in Russia. Regions are sorted in alphabetical order from level 1 to level 2 and eventually up to level 3 regions.

Aginskiy Buryatskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (146 google map locations)
Altayskiy Kray (2775 google map locations)
Amurskaya Oblast' (1600 google map locations)
Arkhangel'skaya Oblast' (3614 google map locations)
Astrakhanskaya Oblast' (893 google map locations)
Belgorodskaya Oblast' (1606 google map locations)
Bryanskaya Oblast' (3623 google map locations)
Buryat-Mongol Republic (1765 google map locations)
Checheno-Ingushskaya Avtonomnaya Sovetskaya Sotsialisticheskaya Respublika (928 google map locations)
Chelyabinskaya Oblast' (2968 google map locations)
Chitinskaya Oblast' (1919 google map locations)
Chukotskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (529 google map locations)
Chuvashskaya Respublika (2347 google map locations)
Evenkiyskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (133 google map locations)
Gorod Moskva (191 google map locations)
Gorod Sankt-Peterburg (145 google map locations)
Irkutskaya Oblast' (3205 google map locations)
Ivanovskaya Oblast' (2271 google map locations)
Kabardino-Balkarskaya Respublika (380 google map locations)
Kaliningradskaya Oblast' (1811 google map locations)
Kaluzhskaya Oblast' (3303 google map locations)
Kamchatskaya Oblast' (316 google map locations)
Karachayevo-Cherkesskaya Respublika (319 google map locations)
Kemerovskaya Oblast' (1748 google map locations)
Khabarovskiy Kray (1614 google map locations)
Khakassk Autonomous Region (641 google map locations)
Khanty-Mansiyskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (1198 google map locations)
Kirovskaya Oblast' (5312 google map locations)
Komi-Permyak National District (1166 google map locations)
Koryakskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (229 google map locations)
Kostromskaya Oblast' (2929 google map locations)
Krasnodarskiy Kray (3181 google map locations)
Krasnoyarskiy Kray (3391 google map locations)
Kurganskaya Oblast' (2213 google map locations)
Kurskaya Oblast' (2988 google map locations)
Leningradskaya Oblast' (5873 google map locations)
Lipetskaya Oblast' (2366 google map locations)
Magadanskaya Oblast' (651 google map locations)
Moskovskaya Oblast' (6133 google map locations)
Murmanskaya Oblast' (725 google map locations)
Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (304 google map locations)
Nizhegorodskaya Oblast' (3213 google map locations)
Novgorodskaya Oblast' (6080 google map locations)
Novosibirskaya Oblast' (3669 google map locations)
Omskaya Oblast' (2994 google map locations)
Orenburgskaya Oblast' (3596 google map locations)
Orlovskaya Oblast' (4007 google map locations)
Penzenskaya Oblast' (2029 google map locations)
Permskaya Oblast' (4207 google map locations)
Primorskiy Kray (1396 google map locations)
Pskovskaya Oblast' (4142 google map locations)
Respublika Adygeya (472 google map locations)
Respublika Altay (731 google map locations)
Respublika Bashkortostan (6754 google map locations)
Respublika Dagestan (2993 google map locations)
Respublika Kalmykiya (625 google map locations)
Respublika Kareliya (3525 google map locations)
Respublika Komi (1805 google map locations)
Respublika Mariy-El (1172 google map locations)
Respublika Mordoviya (1366 google map locations)
Respublika Sakha (Yakutiya) (3862 google map locations)
Respublika Severnaya Osetiya-Alaniya (475 google map locations)
Respublika Tatarstan (3522 google map locations)
Respublika Tyva (419 google map locations)
Rostovskaya Oblast' (4069 google map locations)
RSJA (164 google map locations)
Ryazanskaya Oblast' (3532 google map locations)
Sakhalinskaya Oblast' (983 google map locations)
Samarskaya Oblast' (1969 google map locations)
Saratovskaya Oblast' (3032 google map locations)
Smolenskaya Oblast' (5959 google map locations)
Stavropol'skiy Kray (1521 google map locations)
Sverdlovskaya Oblast' (4088 google map locations)
Tambovskaya Oblast' (2497 google map locations)
Taymyrskiy (Dolgano-Nenetskiy) Avtonomnyy Okrug (298 google map locations)
Tomskaya Oblast' (1974 google map locations)
Tul'skaya Oblast' (3243 google map locations)
Tverskaya Oblast' (8137 google map locations)
Tyumenskaya Oblast' (1642 google map locations)
Udmurtskaya Respublika (2397 google map locations)
Ul'yanovskaya Oblast' (1321 google map locations)
Ust'-Ordynskiy Buryatskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (574 google map locations)
Vladimirskaya Oblast' (2540 google map locations)
Volgogradskaya Oblast' (3486 google map locations)
Vologodskaya Oblast' (5579 google map locations)
Voronezhskaya Oblast' (2434 google map locations)
Yamalo-Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug (405 google map locations)
Yaroslavskaya Oblast' (2252 google map locations)
Yevreyskaya Avtonomnaya Oblast' (251 google map locations)
Артемы city Google map
Афанасово city Google map
Бердыши city Google map
Дубовка city Google map
Ивановское city Google map
Израйский city Google map
Инта city Google map
Калинин city Google map
Каратуган city Google map
Карла Либкнехта city Google map
Красноярский city Google map
Лобки city Google map
Логиново city Google map
Малиновка city Google map
Нагорный city Google map
Новобалтийский city Google map
Новополтавка city Google map
Озёрное city Google map
Озерное city Google map
Озерное Титово city Google map
Осолодино city Google map
Пречистое city Google map
Провидения city Google map
Пунино city Google map
Пучинное city Google map
Речная city Google map
Сбродный city Google map
Селище city Google map
Ситки city Google map
Черкасский city Google map
Чернозерка city Google map
Чистая Поляна city Google map
Шейнфельд city Google map

Random cities in Russia

Moskva, the capital city of Russia.

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